A lot has happened since the month of June and one might easily forget the progress which has brought us this far. Hence, it would be nice to go down the memory lane so we can have a swift view of the highlight of the month of May, 2021.

Let’s begin shall we………..

The month of May has been obscure, and the “uproar” seems to have reached an all-time high. Despite the fact that many people are concerned about the uncertain economy, we are more motivated than ever. We did not rest on our laurels after an incredible April; instead, we hastened our progress. Our staked XPRT percentage hit 89 percent in May, and our network topped 5 million users.

Major Points of Interest:

  • pSTAKE, our much-anticipated liquid staking product, is going to be available in June!
  • We’re getting ready to launch our second ecosystem product, pSTAKE, a liquid staking tool designed to make staked assets more liquid.
  • pSTAKE will essentially allow the issue of representative tokens on Ethereum that are backed 1:1 by native assets staked on PoS chains.

Comdex, Persistence’s main product, is an institutional-facing commodities trading and trade financing platform that uses NFTs to put trade invoicing on-chain, transforming the $17 trillion commodity trading sector. Comdex has topped $100 million in transaction volume, a significant milestone — and it’s still growing! Comdex wants to change the global commodity trading business for the better.

The Ecosystem Fund released 4 million XPRT tokens into the ‘circulating’ supply. All of these tokens were staked, greatly enhancing the Persistence network’s security.

The percentage of bonded (staked) XPRT in total supply is now at 89 percent and increasing! With a market cap of over ove, this is the second greatest of all Cosmos ecosystem chains and the highest of all such chains.

Our network recently surpassed 50,000 transactions and the number continues to climb daily. It’s exciting to see immense growth so quickly, especially knowing that acceleration will only continue to increase as new and highly anticipated products like pSTAKE launch on our mainnet very soon. This is just the beginning!

The Guardians of Persistence will be working closely with the Persistence team and fellow ambassadors to accelerate our progress on our mission to usher in a new financial paradigm, while earning monthly rewards in XPRT alongside other benefits!

The Guardians will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with the digital community through social platforms.
  • Using contingency to educate the public about persistence.

05 May: CoinMarketCal which remains the most trusted economic calendar for cryptocurrency news became Persistence’s new partner. Our listing on CoinMarketCal significantly improved Persistence’s awareness, with over 4 million monthly website views and rising. To keep you informed about forthcoming roadmap milestones and events, including as product launches, AMAs, scheduled exchange listings, and industry events, Persistence will keep updating their community page.

06 May: Blockfolio, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker tool, listed XPRT for live data tracking about a month ago. Through Persistence’s integration with Blockfolio Signal, Persistence recently increased their reach even more! When Persistence makes major updates on a platform with highest credibility, Blockfolio’s 6 million+ members will be notified instantaneously. Another significant component was the integration.

13 May: Persistence joined other Cosmos ecosystem heavyweights in supporting the Gravity DEX testnet competition to help bring DeFi to Cosmos. The level of interest and participation in the Cosmos ecosystem community was astounding, indicating a high desire for the game-changing DEX:

  • The numbers were impressive: 21,775 people took part.
  • There were 715,030 transactions.
  • 900 million dollars in trading volume

14May: CoinTrader gave traders access to a variety of advanced charting tools. On six XPRT charts, key indicators such the RSI, MACD, and EMAs were ready to use. Chartists could now join CoinTrader’s competitive crypto trading network to partner up with other outstanding XPRT chartists in addition to having all of the charts they regularly view.

15 May : One of Cosmos’ largest local communities, Cosmos India, was led by perseverance. Persistence is essential for organizing events, raising awareness, holding hackathons, and localizing content, among other things. Cosmos India currently has over 1,000 Twitter followers, with a considerable increase in active contributors! It was a great honor to witness the community’s rapid expansion! Learn more about Cosmos India via the website and follow on Twitter for the latest updates from the Indian Cosmos ecosystem!

18 May: Tushar Aggarwal, our CEO and Co-Founder, was invited to serve as a judge at the ongoing Solana Season Hackathon, amongst other blockchain industry luminaries. Participants could win up to $1 million in global rewards and seed financing, with the grand prize standing at a whopping $30,000! This was a chance to get a head start on your project on Solana by joining their accelerated development program.

20 May: Persistence announced the launching of their next-gen liquid staking product, pSTAKE, coming up in June. As time goes on, we believe that many will flock to our solution. pSTAKE will enable opportunities never before possible, by unlocking new functionality and interoperability between major blockchain ecosystems. Join us to stay informed of the latest updates:

24 May: The people spoke, and Persistence listened! They collaborated with AscendEX to cut withdrawal fees from 1 XPRT to just 0.2 XPRT, an incredible 80 percent savings! To take advantage of our world-class staking returns, it became easier than ever to DCA in and withdraw consistently. You can create a Persistence wallet and start staking to earn a 35 percent APR on your investment and Join AscendEX and trade XPRT here.

24 May: The expansion of Cosmos and the interoperability movement continue with Persistence. It was amazing to support HackAtom HCMC after sponsoring several previous editions of HackAtom, including HackAtom India and HackAtom Russia. Developers from all over the world were invited to submit their applications. The grand prize was $10,000, and participants competed for it. Tokenized (NFT) was one of the challenges. You can read Abhinav’s research here:

28May: The Persistence team, which included our interns, were dedicated to helping the global blockchain developer ecosystem expand. Many rising talents at Persistence were experimenting with various aspects of blockchain development in order to speed up innovation. With this in mind, we created the Persistence Paratroopers series to impart the knowledge our interns have gathered on the subject.

31 May: Live Coin Watch tracks all the crypto assets you care about — including XPRT. Get your daily dose of Persistence’s price activity, chart, and market cap statistics via their elegant UI. You’ll also get access to features like the depth chart and social activity that’s trending right now. In general, Live Coin Watch’s market cap, volume, liquidity, and domina provide a broad perspective of the market. Track Persistence on Live Coin Watch here:

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