Previously, we started this series and the first installment can be read below. Here is a continuation of this series and we will be beginning with all that occurred on the 18th of July. That being said, let’s talk about it……..

Persistence has now hit the huge milestone of over 12,000 total $XPRT wallet addresses! 🔥

🦾 We’re continuing to see rapid growth within the Persistence community and ecosystem, with total wallet addresses now over 12,000 and rising fast!

💎 A large percentage of these wallets are staking XPRT with over 84% of XPRT tokens currently bonded (~93M XPRT).

💰 Put your tokens to use by staking via the Persistence Wallet or @AscendEX_Global! APYs as high as 477% are available for providing liquidity on @osmosiszone!

📈 Dive into more Persistence-related metrics on Aneka explorer:

🥂 With @pStakeFinance now launched on mainnet and other major initiatives in the pipeline, Persistence’s journey is only just beginning! We’re continuing to push forward on all fronts.

Community is the heart of every project! Thank you to @LunarCRUSH for highlighting our top supporters! ❤️

🛠 As we continue to develop our suite of interoperable #DeFi & #NFT products, we would like to take the time to say thank you to our community and ambassadors.

🤝 While many within the cryptosphere are in hibernation, here at Persistence $XPRT we’re pushing forward alongside our community members exploring our products and making new friends.

🌐 Come by and say hello in our Telegram community:

SXPRT is now fully integrated into @keplrwallet’s interchain wallet! 👨‍🚀

🦾 Keplr users will no longer have to scroll down to the Beta section of the selected networks dropdown to find Persistence.

🌐 Get started with Keplr today:

📲 If you’re not aware, Keplr offers a user-friendly next-gen interchain wallet for the @cosmos ecosystem. Via Keplr, users are able to securely hold, stake, & interact with many up-and-coming #DeFi protocols like @pStakeFinance & @osmosiszone using their Cosmos #crypto-assets.

🚀 We are proud to be officially integrated within Keplr. We hope our community is ready to start exploring the world of #interoperable #blockchain applications with this new update.

We are proud to be listed as one of the initial supported chains on @emerisHQ! 🦾

💎 $XPRT will be amplified by Emeris once the Beta goes live. Soon, the @Cosmos communities will be able to experience the power of cross-chain #DeFi on a #DEX integrated into the Cosmos Hub.

🚀 Knowing Tendermint’s track record has many excited for the highly anticipated DEX experience that will be unleashed. There is much more to look forward to, though everyone will have to wait for more details.

🌐 Join their official Telegram:

👨‍🚀 We encourage our community to start doing your due diligence on Emeris before they launch. This will be yet another game changer within the #crypto space and we want our community to benefit from this technological shift.

Our $2000 Treasure Hunt is live! Start searching for $XPRT now!💎

🔍 For the next 7 days, we’ll provide 1 clue per day to guide you through pSTAKE-related resources. When you complete the hunt, you’ll get 1 lottery ticket.

🤑 Additional optional tasks will be available throughout the hunt to help you secure a bigger prize!

📆 July 26 — Aug 2, 12 PM UTC

✅ You must be registered in order to be eligible for prizes.

Reward Structure (in $XPRT):

🏆 Grand Prize — $200 (1)

🥈Runners Up — $100 (4)

🏅Lottery — $50 (28)

❓Have questions or need help? Visit our TG community:

⚠️ Asking for or providing keywords or links will result in disqualification.

Happy hunting! 🗺

Meme🚨 contest alert! The first additional optional task of our Treasure Hunt is now live!📣

💰By participating in our meme contest, you’ll get the chance to secure a bigger Treasure Hunt prize. If you aren’t already hunting, you can catch up here:

🏦Your memes can be in the form of images, GIFs or videos. They can be themed around anything related to pSTAKE, such as app functions & rewards.

✨The sky’s the limit, so let your imaginations run wild!

ℹ️ Read the rules & submit your meme/s here:

🤝Even if you’re not participating in the Treasure Hunt, we welcome your submissions! We’re always on the lookout for superstar community members to add to the Guardians of Persistence or reward as our Champion of Champions with a $100 prize in $XPRT.

As a result of all these contests, Persistence was rated based on reward rate as 6th in that category. View details in the image below:

Major news📣: @Ledger hardware wallets now support Persistence assets! Learn how to store $XPRT on your Ledger 🦾

ℹ️ Read our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to install the Persistence Ledger app, connect to the Persistence Wallet via Ledger & more:

🔐 Ledger hardware wallets store your private keys, thereby improving the security of your crypto assets.

🦾 Ledger integration has been one of the most requested updates from the community. We’re pleased to be improving the experience & asset security for XPRT holders!

Gain valuable insights into the future of finance from our illustrious CEO @Tushar307! 🔥

🎙Tushar was invited onto the @IBSIntelligence podcast to talk about the important innovations taking place in the world of #DeFi.

🌐Listen to the full podcast:

🦾 Persistence $XPRT is closing the gap between legacy finance & next-gen financial products, while solving crypto-native problems to encourage mass adoption, via our 3 core focus areas: #synthetic assets, #PoS and #NFTs.

🎯 This gem of a podcast is one not to be missed!

Celebrating the conclusion of our $1000 tutorial competition!🥂

We🏆 received so many wonderful submissions, that we couldn’t chose just one 1st place winner. Instead, we chose 3 winners who will split the grand $XPRT prize.

See the 1st place winners below👇

🥇@ponimajushij for his thorough Russian video:

🥇@Napelvs for the detailed, instructional written guides in English, Romanian & Spanish:

🥇@L1am_Crypto for his comprehensive video tutorial:

Recent @TechBullion interview: The evolution of #DeFi is taking place on Persistence! 👀

🦾 Our CEO @Tushar307 gave a high-level walkthrough of our product ecosystem & #multichain tech stack.

🌐 Check out this insightful 5-minute read:

Twitter highlights for August would be coming soon, for the meantime, kindy stay updated with Persistence by clicking the links below: