July was an amazing month for the PersistenceOne community. We all experienced what I’ll describe as “Total Nonstop Action” and I couldn’t wait to talk about it. On one hand, I thought of making a summary of the general activities that went down, but that has been provided already in the Community Newsletter below. So on the other hand, I decided to present a more detailed version of the highlights for July, and particularly, I decided to give it that twitter feeling as though you were reading the live tweets. That being said, let’s talk about it………..

We’re Now Listed on @CoinCodex! Get an In-Depth Look Into Metrics & Performance Data For $XPRT 🔎

🔥 CoinCodex is a data aggregator platform that offers real-time prices, charts, & in-depth metrics on cryptocurrencies. They’ve now listed $XPRT!

View Coin Codex here:

📈 CoinCodex is the perfect platform for market & trading insights.

🙌 This listing is another huge step forward, providing our community and traders another avenue for comprehensive analysis of XPRT!

Ecosystem Week Day 3: Welcoming @tendermint_team, core contributor of @cosmos, as a strategic investor!🛸

🤝Tendermint & Persistence will work together to push the boundaries of #DeFi, with the aim of accelerating the interchain movement & the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem.

📈 The next major milestone on this journey is the launch of @pStakeFinance, which is poised to revolutionize the staking experience for $ATOM (and other PoS asset) holders by unlocking liquidity and improving the user experience to drive mass adoption.

🦾 Tendermint is the backbone of the Cosmos ecosystem. It’s an honor to be supported by such an industry titan.

🥂 As Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Cheers to the future of the metaverse!

Ecosystem Week Day 4: Our Third Blockchain Explorer, Powered by @aneka_io, is Now Live! 🚀

🦾Aneka, created by the @vitwit_ team, is heavily utilized in the @cosmos ecosystem and features even more metrics & integrations than our current explorers.

Explore Aneka here:

📈 With Aneka, you can seamlessly access in-depth data on the Persistence blockchain including transactions, validators & addresses.

🔍You can also dive into aspects not featured on other explorers such as wallet address count, $XPRT holdings, governance info and much more!

Welcome to the pSTAKE Staking Gala — Live Now! $20,000 in Rewards to be Distributed to Top Participants 🎩

🏅After much anticipation, pSTAKE’s Staking Gala competition with $20,000 in rewards is finally here!

🗓Live until July 9th.

Gala participants will compete to demonstrate:

💰Highest % of staking rewards

🤾 Greatest level of activity

Full Gala details:

💫 Join us & other superstar community members to help refine pSTAKE. Let’s revolutionize the #PoS ecosystem together!

My Chat + AMA with @Tushar307, CEO at @PersistenceOne is live!


- Crypto in India 🇮🇳

- Liquid $ATOM staking

- Persistence & @Cosmos

- @pStakeFinance security model

- Bridging Cosmos DeFi w. Ethereum DeFi

- $XPRT liquidity on Osmosis & Gravity DDEX

Watch here:

🔥 @Cryptocito (Crypto YouTuber) asks @Tushar307 (Persistence CEO) about the potential for growing the decentralized finance landscape, including the @cosmos network and bridging it with #Ethereum’s vast #DeFi ecosystem.

🔓 In addition, they discussed $ATOM staking, the security mechanism behind @pStakeFinance’s liquid staking protocol, $XPRT’s liquidity on @osmosiszone & more.

📈 Also learn why Cosmos projects don’t exhibit the tribal behavior more commonly found in other #crypto ecosystems.

TVL in $XPRT Pools on @osmosiszone #DEX Surpass $13 Million, with Huge APYs up to 840% Still on Offer! 🚀

🦾 XPRT pools on Osmosis are growing rapidly! If you’re looking to purchase XPRT or provide liquidity for huge #APYs, head over to Osmosis.

View details here:

📈 Current Stats:

♦️ $ATOM/XPRT (view here) has over $8.5 million in liquidity with an APY of up to 440%.

♦️ $OSMO/XPRT (view here) has over $4.5 million in liquidity with an APY of up to 840%.

♦️7-day trading volume combined: almost $9 million!

🔥 If you’re holding any unstaked XPRT, now’s the chance to put your tokens to use and take advantage of the high APYs on Osmosis before they normalize! All while contributing to the growth of the @cosmos #DeFi ecosystem.

AUDIT.One Joins @akashnet_’s Validator Network as Further Synergies Arise! ✅

🌎 We will work in tandem to strengthen the @cosmos ecosystem, contribute to the broader #interoperability movement, and usher in a freer, more open world.

🦾 Persistence’s validator arm @AuditOne_ is now supporting Akash by running a validator node.

ℹ️ Details:

⚛️Additionally, the Persistence chain & Akash Network are now connected via #IBC; expect further collaboration opportunities in multiple areas.

🤝 As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

🚀With our goals synergistically aligned, we’re confident our collaboration will contribute to the advancement of the interoperability movement and broader industry. $XPRT #PoS

Persistence pays off!🦾

🎁 @Forbes recently celebrated Persistence $XPRT for demonstrating maturity and collaborating across chains to improve #DeFi as a whole.

🌐 Check out the full article by @lwintermeyer here:

🚩Persistence is among the “DeFi projects flying the flag for interoperability & cross-chain collaboration…. thanks to two of its products, @pStakeFinance & @AuditOne_ “.

🥂 Cheers to the bright #interoperable future that Persistence & our many allies are building together!

Persistence and @irisnetwork Join Forces on Multiple Fronts!🪐

✅ We’re cross-delegating with IRISnet to increase the security of both networks. IRISnet has joined Persistence as a validator and Persistence is running a validator on the IRISnet chain under @AuditOne_.

⚛️ With a strong focus on education, we’ll be collaborating on cross-regional community growth and the promotion of the Cosmos ecosystem.

📈 We’ll also be joining forces for educational campaigns on interchain #DeFi solutions such as @pStakeFinance and interoperable #NFTs.

⛓ Additionally, our two teams are working in tandem to build cross-chain NFT products and further advance the #interNFT initiative. Our collaboration also opens the door to further integrations for $XPRT.

☄️ Onward to the bright future of #interoperability & #PoS!

@PersistenceOne is now live on Coin98 Wallet!

Users can now store, send & receive $XPRT on both the mobile app & extension. What else can you expect from this integration?

First, let’s see how to create a $XPRT wallet 👉

Blast off initiated! pSTAKE Beta is now live on mainnet with support for @cosmos $ATOM 🚀

🪐ATOM holders can now interact with a vast array of #DeFi applications on @ethereum while staking their ATOM via pSTAKE.

🌐Experience liquid staking here:

⛓ The future is multi-chain; we’re planning to support multiple major Proof-of-Stake chains to revolutionize the entire #PoS terrain.

How well can you use pSTAKE? Prove it for a chance to win a share of $1000 in $XPRT! 💰

🚀 With our Beta quickly gaining traction with @cosmos $ATOM holders, we’re excited to announce our tutorial competition!

🗓 July 16–23

Grading criteria includes:

♦️ Thoroughness and attention to detail

♦️ Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions

♦️ Extra points for tutorials in languages other than English

🎁 Rewards Pool: $1,000 in XPRT

🏆 1st place $300 & 7 prizes of $100

💸 May the best guides win!

Awareness of Persistence is taking off! Did you hear @Tushar307’s recent feature on the BlockHash podcast? 🦾

🤝 Thank you to @zempbrand for his insightful questions about our product ecosystem and beyond.

🌐 Grab a coffee and listen here:

🎙”We are super excited to bring a whole new assets class that most folks do not interact with, that most folks do not have access to, to bring that to crypto.”

🌐 @cosmos $ATOM holders, experience liquid staking with @pStakeFinance for yourself here:

🙌 We’re working tirelessly to pave the way for the new #decentralized paradigm, and we’re overjoyed when people in the space take notice.

🚀 It was exciting to discuss the many products Persistence is working on. Stay tuned, there are many more milestones in our sights!

In my next article, I will cover the rest of highlights for the month of July. For the meantime, kindly follow PersisitenceOne on Twitter for more updates.