Picture the following scenario:

The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) without Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The Warriors would have been nowhere close to winning their NBA Championship title in 2015, this is because these 3 incredible sportsmen where and are still the driving force of the team, that’s not to say that other players aren’t important but these 3 players are the key individuals pushing the team forward basically.

Same thing goes for running a business without the availability of electricity, roads, and telecommunication, the business will experience extreme levels of difficulty which can lead to the business’s eventual decommissioning.

Therefore, it is essential for all growing economies to be equipped with stable, well-designed, and scalable framework.

he blockchain economy is very similar to this, it is one of the most recent technologies which also happens to be expanding exponentially to the extent of gaining global acceptance. Businesses and governments all over the world have recognized and invested substantial amounts of resources to adopt in the years to come. Morpheus Labs aims at becoming this technology’s (Blockchain’s) facilitator, consequently bringing the accessibility and framework of Blockchain to life.

Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaas) clarifies and accelerates application and development of the Blockchain and provides users with the fluidity of choosing between programming languages which are available and the duration of blockchain that are better preferred. Users can gain unrivalled rewards due to an ecosystem of integrated collaborative development, roll-top administration, version control repository, and lots of tasks which are preprogrammed.

Morpheus Labs has a mission to make all networks and resources adequately connected, this is also the basis of their Blockchain Platform as a service (BPaas). In other words, the BPaas makes it possible as well as convenient for success to be accelerated by innovation. While users focus on more value-added tasks like development of apps and experiments of blockchain technology at a fraction of the cost and time. Morpheus Labs BPaas handles the heavy lifting.

Morpheus Labs for sure has lots of edges over its competition, these are listed below:

  1. Multi-utility solution- Multiple blockchains and integrated development are supported by preprogrammed blockchain systems that are ready-to-use. While also addressing the most technical issues that businesses experience, the test environment offers the most efficient blockchain platform services.
  2. Powerful, secure and expandable- All tools and assistance are available in the cloud, makes it easy to customize and launch apps whenever and wherever you choose in a safe, dependable, and expandable ecosystem. Initially, the platform was hosted in a private cloud environment. Currently, it is deployed on a renowned cloud environment, similar to AWS.
  3. Well informed- The Morpheus Labs team is cross-functional and has a diverse range of backgrounds in the blockchain industry.
  4. Economical- Morpheus Labs’ products and services are of the highest quality. The team is dedicated to providing users with value at no additional expense. In essence, Morpheus Labs’ motto is “Blockchain for Inclusion.”
  5. Reliable- SGinnovate, the Singapore Government’s hand-picked start-up group, has welcomed Morpheus Labs’ proposal and founder. SGInnovate has considerable expertise creating wide-reaching and sophisticated platform applications, thanks to its highly skilled engineers and noble team.

Because Morpheus Labs provides a complete blockchain platform for all enterprises to quickly design, test, and deploy enterprise blockchain applications at a fraction of the cost, individual developers also use the BPaas.

Morpheus Labs is equipped with individuals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the development and implementation of application of wide-reaching frameworks, entrepreneurship is another area in which the team exhibits expertise. The aforementioned team is sufficiently supported by a dedicated and well-known advisory board comprised of industry professionals with extensive networks.

Morpheus Labs BPaas’s long-term success and scalability are ensured by the following platform architecture principles:

  1. The platform is designed to handle any blockchain protocol. This is due to the continuous emergence of new protocols brought about by the evolutionary nature of blockchain technology.
  2. Offers users’ entities with a safe separate ecosystem in which to deploy their blockchain network, ensuring data protection.
  3. Supports scalability, elasticity, and auto-provisioning of computer resources, built on solid cloud technologies.
  4. Adopts open standards from the start, relying on open-source tools and technology where possible.
  5. Makes a standardized method for integrating self-provisioned intermediary services into the platform available for further integration with the outside world and other private or public blockchain networks.
  6. Allows blockchain apps to be independent of the platform’s underlying computer and network infrastructure.
  7. Offers intermodal technology, such as containers and virtual machines, for the widespread deployment of blockchain nodes on the platform.

Market largeness

In the foreseeable future, the blockchain technology market is likely to grow rapidly. In fact, by 2030, the blockchain market is expected to be worth $3.1 Trillion. Morpheus Labs has achieved several milestones as a leading innovator in providing a pioneering blockchain platform service over the years and aims to encapsulate possibly the largest portion of the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of the predicted market for blockchain technologies in the years to come.

Token Distribution

The image below is a representation of how Morpheus Labs has distributed the MITx token over the years.


Blockchain technology is generating a lot of buzz across the world right now. With a greater push for blockchain use across businesses, interest in blockchain technology is set to expand. Since the launch of their BPaas, Morpheus Labs has taken advantage of this surge in demand. As Google has become a successful information platform and Amazon has been a successful commercial platform, Morpheus Labs BPaas falls into the same category in terms of value creation. They are at the foreground, poised to spearhead the next tech breakthrough.

Morpheus Labs is committed to offering the finest user interface and user experience for cloud development environment. By facilitating rapid prototyping and eliminating unnecessary costs, the goal is to alter present outdated techniques and processes of verifying innovations.

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